Great News!

Hi world!

It’s been a while since my last post. A lot have happened during this period of time.

First of all, we moved.

Second of all, we got pregnant!

J and I both feel we are very lucky. The timing of the move could not be better for us, because later it turned out that we got pregnant right after the move. If the move had been delayed for another week or two, there would be no way for me to perform at all when I was surrounded by early pregnancy symptoms. We wanted to move because we have been wanting to start our family, and it was only the second month since we started trying! We both believe that the heavy work out we got from moving by ourselves definitely helped the conception. We were feeling very energetic during those several days, and maybe that gave us a better chance.

Now, we are at 12 weeks 4 days. My first trimester is almost finished. I couldn’t be happier. Well, maybe I can, when I finally get to hold our tater tot in my arms. Here is a list of all the symptoms I had during my first trimester:

Light to dark brown spotting from Week 5-8


Food aversion




Mild nausea

Morning sickness from Week 11-12 when I wake up in the morning

Among all these symptoms I was able to maintain my weight at 110lbs.

Now towards the end of my first trimester, I am feeling much better. Most of those symptoms have gone, and I am left with a very good appetite and a lot of different cravings, which make me miss Melbourne like crazy. I don’t even miss my hometown food, but all the good places I could go to in Melbourne just hurt me when I think about them. But hey, I am here for my family. So as long as J and I are still here, everything is worthwhile.

We also had our first ultrasound and OB visit in August. It went well. Ultrasound showed tater tot at 2.8cm, and picked up his heartbeat at around 180 per minute. My OB is a recommendation from the B family and she is very good. Personable and approachable. On top of that, she also speaks Chinese!!!!! OMG! While language is no longer a barrier for J and I after living in English-speaking countries for more than 8 years, very specific medical terms can still be challenging. So, having a doctor who can speak our first language definitely helps us with understanding EVERYTHING that is going on with tater tot. And I am so happy about it!

By the way, new semester has started, and I started teaching again. I’m pretty happy about that too. After all, it is my profession, even though I am not getting paid for, I am still more than happy to practice it. And I am helping students at the same time. These efforts may all lead to something in the future. Who knows.

Ok world, time for me to pack up and go home. I will come back soon to tell you more about our little growing family! Cheers!


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